Where (And How) To Cash A Check Without ID

There may be times when you just need to cash a check but have either forgotten it or do not have a currently valid ID. If this is you, you might ask yourself where you could cash your check without running into problems.

Most places where checks can be cashed at will require some form of photo ID like a driver’s license, with some special exceptions if you have an alternative ID. That being said, finding a place to cash a check with no ID is possible, but rare. 

If you’re in this emergency situation, don’t panic, because we are here to save the day. Read further down this post for more info, and tips on how to cash a check without ID!

Acceptable Forms Of ID To Cash A Check

Before we explain how you might be able to cash it with no ID, let’s cover an easier way you could cash the check: by checking if you have another form of valid ID! There are various different acceptable types of ID that you might be able to use to cash a check, but generally, there are two types of ID: primary IDs and secondary IDs.

Primary IDs are typically government-issue IDs that you would use as the main tool for identifying yourself in any important situation. As the most “official” form of ID typically you’ll only need one in order to verify that you are who you say you are. 

Primary IDs include: 

  • Driver’s license 
  • Real ID 
  • Military Photo ID 
  • Passport 
  • Visa 

In order to work properly, you’ll have to ensure all IDs are currently valid, or they will likely not be usable. If you are unable to locate any of these primary forms of ID, or have never had any of these forms of ID, then you might be able to use a secondary ID. 

Secondary IDs are often still government-issued, but because they will sometimes require less verification to get, may not be as important of a personal indicator as a primary ID. To use your secondary IDs to cash a check, you will likely need two different forms of secondary ID on hand. 

Secondary IDs include: 

  • Birth certificate 
  • Employment authorization ID 
  • Employment photo ID 
  • Foreign driver’s license photo ID 
  • Alien registration card 
  • Firearms permit with photo ID 
  • School photo ID
  • Welfare photo ID 
  • Permanent resident photo card

One of the easiest ways that you might be able to verify yourself could be through producing your birth certificate with any of the others listed below, as most people will likely have access to this and then hopefully one other option. If you do not have any of these as an option, then you are probably looking for a way to cash a check with no ID. 

How To Cash A Check With No ID

If none of the above applies to you and you are still having trouble getting your checked cash, there are a few ways that you might be able to have it cashed without needing to present any form of ID. 

Some ways you might be able to pull this off are: 

  • ATM machine: Some ATMs allow the user to deposit checks into their account using a bank card. If you have a debit card and can find a usable ATM, you should be able to deposit the check, and then pull it out as cash from your account. 
  • Grocery store: Some grocery stores may be able to cash your check for you. This is often done either at the main cash registers or at the customer service desk if there is one available at that specific store.
  • Issuing bank: Try checking the bank where the check originated from. You can try looking at the name listed on the face of the check to determine which bank it came from. Once there they may cash it for you without ID.
  • Check-cashing store: Some storefronts are specifically made for cashing checks. Be careful, some of these places will require a valid form of photo ID, but some may allow you to get by without it. 

The methods listed above should make it doable for you to cash a check without presenting a valid form of ID. When in a pinch, hopefully, one of these options works for you, but know that they don’t come without their own drawbacks. Most of the services listed above will actually include a service fee that will be deducted from your check. 

That means if you plan on using one of these services frequently, you need to be aware that the fees will quickly add up and become more significant over time. Especially if you are using one to cash checks for work! Plus, many of these will take more time than simply depositing at the bank. 

Can I Cash A Check With A Temporary ID?

Most places should allow you to cash your checks with a temporary ID. Some establishments might be restricted only to accepting valid temporary IDs that include photos, but this is not a given. If you are waiting for an extended period for your official ID, try to find out if there are any temporary options available that include photos to make things easier. 

Can I Sign The Check To Someone Else?

Yes, you can sign the check over to someone else, but we recommend only doing this if all else fails. Not only will this add extra work, and steps to the process, but you should also only do this option with someone you trust deeply. 

If you do find someone to do this with that you know you can trust, sign the check over to them, have them deposit it, pull out the cash, give it to you, and the translation complete!


Cashing a check without a valid ID can be a very difficult task to complete. Instead of trying to go about this, we always recommend checking back to see if you have any alternative forms of id or a combination of secondary IDs that you could use as a means to verify yourself. 

If you do not, not all hope is lost, but know that you will probably have to jump through some hoops, or at the very least, pay a fine. We hope this guide helps you find a way that works best for you!

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