Here’s When Should You Start Eating Lactation Cookies

Lactation cookies are a healthy and natural way to boost breastmilk supply. Yet, when should you start eating lactation cookies to see the best results?

Lactation cookies can be safely ingested at any point in time. Whether your soon to expect, just gave birth or looking to increase your breastmilk, these natural cookies can supplement your journey to increasing lactation.

With multiple beneficial ingredients, these cookies can be eaten to safely support a healthy breastmilk supply. Discover how these lactation cookies work and how much should you be eating in order to see a difference in your breastmilk. 

What are Lactation Cookies?

These delicious cookies are made with lactogenic ingredients, which are believed to increase the hormones responsible for lactation. With countless recipes with varying ingredients, the most common lactogenic foods in these cookies include:

  • Oats
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Flax seeds

Oats are rich in plenty of nutrients such as fiber, iron, protein, minerals, and more. However, what makes them a true lactogenic powerhouse is their beta-glucan, which is a form of sugar that heightens lactation hormones. 

While brewer’s yeast may seem like the oddest ingredient here, you shouldn’t doubt its lactation power. Brewer’s yeast contains iron, protein, and B vitamins. Aside from being in lactation cookies and supplements, you can also find this ingredient in protein powders and immunity supplements. 

Lastly, flax seeds contain a healthy amount of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins in just a single tablespoon. Flaxseeds also include phytoestrogens, which are plant estrogens that can boost the production of breastmilk.

When Should You Eat Lactation Cookies?

While some sources suggest starting to eat lactation cookies in the weeks leading up to your delivery, others claim that you should use them post-delivery. Ultimately, lactation cookies can be safely ingested any time you want to increase your breastmilk supply. 

However, if you ever feel like you producing too much breastmilk, there’s no issue in simply stopping use. Despite varying recommendations, there is no singular right way to eat lactation cookies or time to start eating them. 

Be it as preparation for nursing or after delivery to increase milk supply, it’s up to you when you would like to eat these cookies. Delicious as they are, you might want to start munching just as a tasty and healthy treat.

Eat Lactation Cookies Consistently

The real secret to eating lactation cookies for breastmilk production is to eat them consistently. Eating them just once won’t cause any significant increase in your breastmilk supply. 

While it usually takes between three to six hours for food to be in breastmilk, each of these lactogenic ingredients is absorbed into your body at different rates. While the lactation benefits of oats can take as little as two hours, others aren’t as quick.

Brewer’s yeast can take anywhere up to forty-eight hours for full absorption. Meanwhile, flax seeds can even take more than two weeks for their lactation benefits to be fully immersed. As a result, the best way to ensure that your body is fully profiting from these cookies to produce more breastmilk is by eating them consistently, even every day.   

Can Lactogenic Food Double Breastmilk Supply?

While lactation cookies and lactogenic foods are believed to help support a healthy breastmilk supply and even cause an increase, don’t expect it to double. These nutritious cookies work best along with a proper nursing routine, such as frequent pumping and breastfeeding. 

The effect of the lactation cookies on your milk supply will be better the more regularly you extract milk and completely empty your breasts. While there is little scientific research to prove their effectiveness when eaten alone, many moms have commented how these cookies do work well when paired with a proper breastmilk routine.

Not just for the sole purpose of increasing lactation, these cookies are a nutritious snack. When breastfeeding, your body will require more calories and a higher food intake. Instead of heading towards a not-so-healthy option, go for lactation cookies filled with multiple health benefits.

What to Do for Low Lactation

If you find that your breastmilk supply isn’t high enough or that you’re having trouble producing enough milk, you will need more aid than just these cookies alone. Instead, reach out to a lactation consultant or an official breastfeeding promotion and support group. Some reasons for low lactation include:

  • Previous breast surgery
  • Hormonal birth control
  • Sucking issues from your baby
  • Hormonal or endocrine problems: This includes diabetes, thyroid issues, or PCOS.
  • Specific medications or herbs: For example, cold medications like Sudafed. As for herbs, be careful not to ingest too much sage, parsley, or peppermint.
  • Birth medications: Medications used in labor, such as epidural anesthetic, can impact your baby’s ability to latch onto you and breastfeed.

Most of the time, your body produces just the right amount of milk for your baby, even if it doesn’t seem like it. However, by speaking with a professional you can find that peace of mind to know whether or not you need extra support in lactation production.


Lactation cookies are the perfect supplement for your healthy breastfeeding routine. With nutritious lactogenic ingredients like oats, brewer’s yeast, and flax seeds, these cookies can help you increase your breastmilk production. 

While many sources differ on when you should start eating lactation cookies, it’s clear that these safe and healthy cookies can be eaten at any point in the nursing process. The actual benefits of lactation cookies can be seen when eaten consistently due to how long it takes for the lactogenic benefits to be absorbed in the body. 

Although you may be searching for a large increase in breastmilk production, these cookies alone won’t be able to double your supply of milk. In fact, the only way to ensure you’re producing a sufficient amount of milk is by pairing these cookies with consistent breastmilk pumping and feeding. 

If you’re unsure if your body is producing enough milk for your baby or if you’re struggling to lactate, it’s best to reach out to a lactation consultant or breastfeeding support group. By speaking with a professional, you’ll be able to fully understand your breastfeeding situation and gain peace of mind.

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