What Do Guys Think About Dating a Single Mom

What Do Guys Think About Dating a Single Mom?

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All our single moms out there will know that maternity comes with many rewarding moments. But it also comes with the same amount of negative stereotypes. And if things weren’t complicated enough, dating can be puzzling when you’re a single mom. You haven’t changed. You’re still the same fantastic person. Yet, you don’t find suitable men. Why? What do guys think about dating a single mom?

Well, we’ve been doing our research. Some findings are pretty unexpected. But spoiler alert, not everything is bad! So keep reading as we dive deep into the mind of men and help you find the ideal companion.

Single Moms are Desperate

Well, duh, obviously, right? If you’re single and have to take care of a kid by yourself, you must be desperate. So, you need someone to help, and you desperately want company. Wrong!

Even though many men believe this, you know in your heart that it is not true. You’re not only single-handedly raising a fine human. You work, study, keep the house clean and care for your child. And we’re sure that list doesn’t even begin to describe how much you handle. Plus, you do this all by yourself.

Your reason behind dating is not desperation. It’s the same reason as everybody else’s,
having someone to love and be loved in return. If someone raises this question, you know how to answer.

You Expect Him to Pay for Everything

Many men believe that you want to find a partner to even out the costs of being a mom. Basically, having a roommate that pays half of everything. Or a sugar daddy while you just lay down doing nothing all day.

Even though being a single mom can be hard at times and money can be an issue, you must agree this is not a reason for you to want companionship. When it comes to all the baby stuff, you have to single out big money. But you would do that every single day without batting an eye. Because you love your child, and you have proven how capable you are by yourself all this time.

You Want a Father Figure in Your Kids’ Lives

Now, there’s a significant percentage of single moms that didn’t choose to be one. The
baby’s dad might have left and not be in the picture anymore. So, red flags! Alert! This
woman wants to trap me, so I take his place.

Well, Sherlock, that’s not it! No matter if your baby’s father is still around or not. Single moms are more than able to raise their children by themselves. Plenty of research shows that kids with single moms are just as successful as those from a two-parent family.

If the relationship blooms, they might become the adoptive father of your child. But that is definitely not your initial target when you meet someone. Just let it be clear and enjoy the process of getting to know him.

There’s Extra Baggage (Baby Daddy Drama)

Ok, let this sink in for a moment. Yes, it’s reasonable to think this. How many times have you considered someone’s baggage when dating? We know it’s crucial. However, not everyone’s story is the same. Not everyone carries baggage. And not every relationship with the baby daddy is the same. Some men may find it hard to accept that they might have to meet the baby daddy face to face.

Whether it is because you still have a good relationship or quite the opposite, it’s not an excuse. Make sure to explain the situation to your date. Be open and honest. Let them understand if there’s baggage and what the expectations are.

You’re Uneducated

We live in the 21st century, or so they say. And yet, there’s still a negative stereotype about the intelligence and education of single moms. This is outrageous and yet, still alive in our society.

First of all, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. If someone believes this of 15 million single moms in the US alone, they’re not worth your time. Being a single mom is not synonymous with being uneducated, and you know it.

So don’t let yourself be pushed around by men that don’t see your worth.

The Absolute Truth about Single Moms

Well, if you’re a single mom, you know this. But yet again, we want to remind you how awesome you are.

Many women choose to be single moms, and many others find themselves in the position not by choice. Nevertheless, every single one of them is just as capable.

Single moms work hard because they know they work for a noble cause: their child. And they would give anything to make sure their child has everything they need. They are intelligent, witty, funny, responsible, and educated. Just like every other woman out there.

Men that use the above excuses are not even worth your time. The good news is, there are plenty of good men out there who are dying to meet you. Yes, you!

But how? Let’s check together what to do to find them.

Tips for Dating as a Single Mom

If you decide to start dating, here are some tips you will find beneficial!

Take it Slow

We all know what happens when you meet someone new. You feel the butterflies in your stomach, and you feel as alive as ever.

But, take it slow. Your emotional stability is vital for your child. So don’t let emotions take control of you quite so early on. Instead, let the relationship grow organically, and it will bloom into something beautiful.

Love Yourself

Whether you have one or five kids, you make it work every day. You juggle your family with work, hobbies, and friends. So adding another piece to the puzzle is nothing but an exciting challenge. Because you’re a rock star!

However, many single moms struggle with getting back into the dating world. Remember, give yourself time. Love yourself, and respect yourself. When you do that, things will fall into place.

Wait Before Introducing your Partner to your child

This is key for all three of you: yourself, your kid, and your partner. Each one of you is going through a different phase in life.

Your kid might be happy to meet him, but it could also cause them stress. Even more so if this person ends up not being the one. So take your time, be sure of whom you want to be with. And only then it’s time to introduce your two most important human beings to each other.

How to Find Dates as a Single Mom

You might think there is no place you could meet your soulmate as a single mom. But oh girl, you are wrong right there!

There are plenty of choices, and these are our top 3.

Single Moms Dating Apps

Apps like “Single Parent Meet” exist to match single parents that want love. There are many single parent dating apps, and you just need to find the right one for you.

Just a little warning, though. As with every dating app, make sure to meet them in a public place. And inform your friends where you will be. Safety first!

Local Kids Playground

By going to the local playground, your kids can have fun, and you can meet new people. Who knows, maybe luck will find you right in the park.

The Gym

You probably don’t have enough time to hit the gym every day. But, if you do visit gyms, relax and try to meet new people.

A healthy mind and body will not only help you find yourself. They may help you find your soulmate too!

In Summary

Your dating life didn’t end the moment you became a single mom. It just automatically ruled out those men who are not worth your time. It’s like a filtering system on a dating app!

Remember to have an open mind and just enjoy the process of meeting new amazing people. Whether they end up being just friends or your new partner, it will be an exciting new adventure!

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