Tips For Making A Dating Profile As A Single Mom (The Dos & Dont's)

Tips For Making A Dating Profile As A Single Mom (The Dos & Dont’s)

Discovering the right time to start dating again as a single mom can be tough, let alone actually putting yourself out there. As a single mom, how do you create an honest yet alluring online dating profile? 

The most crucial part about making a dating profile is being both open about your situation and expressive of who you are as a person, not just a mom. While you want to be candid about being a single mom, you should also ensure that you’re detailing your own unique personality and interests.

While online dating can seem daunting, it’s much easier than you think. When you create a stellar dating profile, all that’s left is finding someone compatible with you and your lifestyle. Learn the dos and dont’s of making a dating profile as a single mom.

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What to Include in a Dating Profile

While we advise that you be as upfront as possible about having children when making a dating profile, it’s up to you to decide. If you choose to keep this hidden until after matching with someone, you may find that they will either unmatch or ghost. While this may feel demotivating, know that this person was never right for you in the first place.

If you believe someone should be interested in you no matter if you have kids or not, then that is up to you when making your dating profile. However, if you would rather not waste time on someone who isn’t ready for the whole package, then the best option is to be clear about your status as a single mom.

Aside from showing that you’re a mom, show off all your best and unique qualities. Your dating profile is technically your first impression on someone, so detail what makes you “you”. Whether you’re a baker extraordinaire, a yoga enthusiast, or a horror movie connoisseur, you should let the world know your special hobbies and personality.

While you should probably be honest about having kids, you should be just as clear about what you’re looking for in a relationship. Whether you want someone to build a family together, are looking for something casual, or want to try something in between, be completely transparent to avoid any confusion later on with potential matches. 

What to Avoid in Your Profile

While we suggest being transparent about being a single mom, don’t make this your sole identity. If your bio and prompt answers are all centered around your children, then how will anyone know what your interests or personality actually are? Avoid going full momma bear when making your dating profile, and include mostly info about yourself.

A major topic to avoid in your dating profile is your exes. While you want to be open about your past, this can also seem like you’re definitely stuck in it. When you’re also discussing your ex in your profile, it can seem as if you’re still not over them. That’s why we highly recommend that you avoid bringing up any exes at all costs.

It’s easy to overshare when your nervous or not sure what to write. Take your time making your dating profile and writing your bio. Aim for engaging statements that’ll leave someone wanting to know more rather than detailing your whole life story. No one needs to know your parent’s professions, the names of all your siblings, and so on.

Avoid being overly playful or cheesy, but also refrain from complete stoicism. Since you’re probably with your kids all day, it can be too easy to create a profile with too many corny jokes. At the same time, using a serious tone throughout your profile can also look boring. Show that while you enjoy having fun, you’re also a mature adult.

Should You Add Photos of Your Kids?

While adding photos of your kids can show how much you care for them in your life, you should also protect their privacy. Instead, you can upload pictures of you and your child but with their face hidden.

With plenty of weirdos online, avoid uploading any photos of your kids partially dressed. Although we hate to say it, the adorable pool time pictures of you and your baby can fall into the wrong hands.

What to Watch Out For

On the unfortunate topic of online weirdos, remember that whoever you’re chatting with is ultimately a stranger online. Always practice the best safety methods when discussing your home life. There’s no reason for anyone person you’re talking to have to know your address, your child’s school, or your banking information.

Besides the stalker scare, there are also plenty of scammers on the rise on dating apps. Keep an eye out for dating profiles where their pictures seem too good to be true or if the pictures aren’t matching. If they ask to chat on an outside app, usually WhatsApp, then they’re likely a scammer who’s about to ask if you want to invest in cryptocurrency.

Additionally, watch out for men who are specifically searching for single moms. Sometimes men do this thinking that they will be “easier” than other women. Of course, this isn’t true at all, but there are countless creeps online who will try their best to win you over only to drop you as soon as the relationship becomes serious.

While this information should in no way deter you from making a dating profile and putting yourself out there, we also want you to be informed in case you come across any strange behavior. 


Once you’ve realized that you want to start dating again, online dating is an easy way to dip your toes back in the dating pool. While creating a dating profile as a single mom may seem intimidating, know that as long as you’re honest about your status as a single mom while also emphasizing your own personality, you’re good to go.

Also, avoid giving up too much information on your dating profile as you want people to want to know more about you. Let your dating profile be just a teaser of who you are. Now, go have fun and explore this whole new world of dating online!

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