TinyHood Review: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

TinyHood Review: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

Raising a child is an amazing journey that’s filled with twists, turns, tears, and smiles. As a first-time parent (especially if you’re a single mom), it’s hard to know what to expect. Thankfully, there are several great online courses that have cropped up lately, giving soon-to-be-parents an in-depth look at everything they’ll need to know to take care of their newborn. One such course is TinyHood. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the app and review the pros, cons, and everything else that you need to know about TinyHood.

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What is TinyHood

TinyHood is an online platform with expert-led courses for new and soon-to-be parents. The platform was started by two moms, Becky Miller and Susan Blinn, after they struggled to find clear and concise information online that would help them raise their little ones.

The company’s mission is to help empower parents with the knowledge that they need to thrive when raising their children.

TinyHood Review

Who is TinyHood for?

First and foremost, TinyHood is for the new or expecting parent — especially first-time parents. However, the platform also has courses that can benefit existing parents who are struggling or looking for better ways to take care of their kids. The platform can also be helpful for non-parent caretakers, such as nannies, who can learn techniques and strategies to take care of children from top-vetted experts. TinyHood even has a course for grandparents that want to learn the best techniques to care for their grandchildren.

TinyHood courses

TinyHood offers many dozens of Parenting courses, all taught by certified experts in their field. Some of the top courses are Baby 101, which covers all the important topics that new parents should know, including breastfeeding, infant CPR, and baby care; Childbirth 101, which teaches expecting mothers what to expect and how to cope with the difficulties of the childbirth; and Sleep 101, which teaches parents how to successfully get their little ones to sleep safely and soundly through the night.

Does TinyHood offer classes in different languages?

Currently, TinyHood doesn’t offer courses in multiple languages. All of their classes and courses are taught in English only.

How much is TinyHood

TinyHood doesn’t have a single platform price, instead, you can purchase courses à la carte and pay per course. The courses vary in price.

There are several free courses and classes such as Breastfeeding 101, Potty Training Prep, and Relationships Post-Baby.

The paid courses, such as Baby 101, Sleep 101, Potty Training, and Baby Year 1, range from $29 to $199.

The site’s most popular course, The Expecting Bundle: Childbirth 101 + Baby 101, is a combination of two courses and costs $159. It contains 21 classes and covers important topics for new parents such as Labor & Birth, Breastfeeding, Sleep, CPR & Choking, and more.

You’ll have access to any course that you purchase for one year.

Insurance may cover TinyHood courses

Although certain TinyHood may seem pricey, the good news is that some insurance companies may cover the cost.

According to TinyHood, you can request a Certificate of Completion after completing the prenatal courses Baby 101 or Breastfeeding 101. You can then submit the certificate to your insurance company for reimbursement. Although not all insurance companies will cover the cost, many insurance plans do offer reimbursements for prenatal courses.

Is TinyHood worth it?

TinyHood is a great resource for new parents. Having certified professionals teaching you the best ways to care for your child can help a new parent develop the confidence and surety needed to stay calm and level-headed in some of the most stressful situations.

Although the prices of certain courses may seem steep, especially if you’re a single mom on a budget, the parenting skills that you can develop by taking TinyHood’s courses can be priceless.

We all want what’s best for our little ones, and the TinyHood courses can help ensure that you are prepared to take on whatever comes your way when it comes to raising a newborn.

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