Protein Powder for Breastfeeding Moms: Our Top Choices

Protein Powder for Breastfeeding Moms: Our Top Choices

Research has shown time and time again that the advantages of breastfeeding your baby are plentiful, and these benefits aren’t just good for the baby—they’re good for you, too! As such, maintaining your milk supply while breastfeeding is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your baby’s health and well-being. 

For mothers having a difficult time with their supply, various factors could be at play, such as waiting too long to start breastfeeding, not feeding their baby often enough, supplementing breastfeeding with formula, or an ineffective latch from the baby. However, if you’re looking for ways to increase your milk production, there are several products out there on the market that are designed to help! 

Protein shakes, in particular, are a convenient way for breastfeeding mothers to meet their nutritional needs, as new mothers actually need extra calories to help heal their bodies and give them the energy they need to tend to their growing baby and their needs.  

In this article, we’ll give you our top choices for protein powder made specifically for breastfeeding moms!

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Breastfeeding is one of the most incredible and intimate experiences a mother can share with her child. Not only does it complete the necessary task of nourishing your baby, but it also provides a safe time for you to bond with your little one.

Luckily, for those struggling to meet demand, there are many foods and supplements like protein powders out there on the market that help keep mothers strong as well as help them produce the milk they need to nourish their new bundle of joy!

Some of the top powders out there for breastfeeding moms are:

  • Pink Stork Protein Powder
  • Boobie Body Superfood Shake
  • Ora Organics So Lean and So Clean Powder
  • Milk Dust Lactation and Weight Loss Powder

In the following sections, we’ll discuss each of these products more in-depth, and hopefully get you on track to finding the best one for you and your needs.

Pink Stork Protein Powder

Pink Stork Protein Powder is formulated with a blend of whey protein, bovine collagen, and iron to support your body’s recovery as well as aid in the production of breast milk. It comes with 20g of added protein and also promises to aid in a number of other bodily functions, such as:

  • Supporting muscle growth and recovery, as well as helping to speed up your metabolism to help deal with added baby weight
  • Aiding in joint repair and providing inflammation relief, as well as healthy hair, skin, and nails from the added collagen

Pink Stork also boasts the use of clean ingredients and is made without gluten, wheat, soy, and other GMOs, making it perfect for those especially health-conscious mamas out there!

Boobie Body Superfood Shake

Boobie Body is a plant-based, organic breastfeeding protein powder made from pea protein! Like Pink Stork, it comes with a fair amount of added protein, at 19g, but it may be a better choice for those mothers who prefer to avoid animal products. 

Other ingredients include moringa, turmeric, shatavari, chia, flax, cinnamon, maca, and sacha inchi, as well as 11 probiotic strains! Boobie Body is ideal when it comes to increasing your breastmilk supply, as it’s also packed with milk-boosting galactagogues, creating the ultimate protein powder for nursing moms. 

You can also rest easy knowing that the company itself was founded by a board-certified registered nurse and lactation consultant with over 23 years of experience, so you know you’re putting your nutrition in experienced hands!  

Ora Organics So Lean and So Clean Powder

Ora Organics So Lean and So Clean is another plant-based protein powder, and, as the name suggests, is made with all-natural, organic ingredients. 

The main protein source comes from both pea and rice protein, but it’s also packed to the brim with added fruits and veggies, boasting 20+ superfoods for added micronutrients and all the essential amino acids you need to ensure you’re getting the most complete nutrition possible, as well as digestive enzymes to help support the absorption of these nutrients. 

As an added bonus, this powder was chef-formulated to give them a subtly sweet taste while also able to blend together smoothly, and works fabulously in a variety of different mediums, from water to smoothies, and even baked goods!

Milk Dust Lactation and Weight Loss Powder

Milk Dust Lactation and Weight Loss Powder is another potent protein powder for breastfeeding moms, formulated with a proprietary blend of nutrients and herbs to increase lactation through nutritional support.

Milk Dust is formulated primarily with pea protein and chia seeds, making it totally plant-based. The formula also contains a combination of other powerful ingredients, like a blend of berry and raspberry powder that contains antioxidants to help regulate blood sugar levels, super greens like spinach and chlorella to help keep you energized, and raspberry leaf and milk thistle to help increase milk production.  

It also has turmeric and cinnamon bark, which can help curve your sugar cravings and keep your blood sugar levels in check. All this while also sporting 14 g of protein as well as a variety of other vitamins and minerals! 

If you’re looking for an all-around solid choice for a protein powder, then Milk Dust should definitely be on your list.


While breastfeeding comes naturally to many women, and most never really have to worry about not producing enough milk (with many even seen as producing too much milk, with some studies saying they actually end up making about one-third more the amount than their babies can actually drink), there are still many others out there who have difficulties meeting demand. 

If you’re looking for a way to supplement your nutritional needs in an attempt to enhance your milk production and enjoy protein shakes, there are a number of products out there on the market that are designed to help your body produce more milk, as well as provide you with the extra vitamins and minerals you need so that you can stay healthy and meet the demands of your growing baby.

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