Numberblocks Gift Ideas

10 Numberblocks Gift Ideas for Young Learners

Looking for the perfect gifts for Numberblocks fans? Look no further. We’ve rounded up some of the best Numberblocks gift ideas, sure to please any little one who loves the hit show (plus help them learn!).

From puzzles and games to clothes and books, there’s something for every Numberblocks fan on your list. And since all of these gifts are available online, you can shop from the comfort of your own home. Without further ado, let’s jump into our list of the top Numberblock gifts.

Numberblocks Activity Set

This Numberblocks Activity Set will keep your child entertained for hours while they learn important math skills. The set includes 100 cubes, 54 stickers, 11 character cards, and an activity guide. Each activity correlates to a specific Numberblocks episode, so your child can play along as they watch.

Numberblocks Decals

Numberblocks Decals are perfect for your little ones who love Numberblocks. Decorate their room with their favorite characters from the show and watch them learn and grow with every Numberblock they see. These decals are made of high-quality vinyl and are safe for walls and windows. They are also easy to apply on any smooth surface and easy to remove, so you can change up your child’s room d├ęcor as they grow.

Numberblocks 120 Piece Counting Toy

This fun and educational toy set is perfect for little ones who are just starting to learn to count. It includes 120 numberblobs, which can be used for counting, sorting, pattern recognition, and more. It’s a great set to help kids as young as 3-year-old start developing early math skills.

Numberblocks Multi-Click Counting Toy

This cute and colorful toy is perfect for little ones who are just starting to learn to count. The click-together blocks help kids learn numbers up to 10. The set comes with several pages of stickers in order to decorate the blocks with the characters from the hit show.

Numberblocks Stickers

Your little ones will love getting creative with these Numberblocks stickers! Featuring all their favorite characters, they can use them to decorate cards, gifts, and more.

‘One’ Plush Toy

This Numberblocks ‘One’ Plush Toy is the perfect cuddly companion for your little one. Made from soft fabric, this toy is sure to become a favorite.

Numberblocks Coloring Book

In this Numberblocks coloring book, your child will explore the world of numbers with their favorite Numberblocks characters! They’ll have hours of fun coloring in all their favorite scenes from the show, and learning about numbers along the way. This is the perfect activity book for any young math enthusiast.

‘Seven’ Plush Toy

When your little one is ready to explore the world of numbers, they’ll love this Numberblocks Seven Plush Toy. Featuring the lovable character from the popular show, this toy is perfect for helping your child learn to count, add and subtract. With a soft and cuddly body, your child will love snuggling up with their new friend while they learn.

Numberblocks Activity Book

The Numberblocks activity book is the perfect way to introduce your child to numbers and counting. Featuring over 50 activities, this book will help your child develop their number skills while having fun!

From learning to count to addition and subtraction, the Numberblocks activity book is packed with engaging activities that will keep your child entertained for hours. With bright and colorful illustrations, this book is sure to capture your child’s imagination.

Customized Numberblocks T-Shirt

This personalized Numberbocks toddler t-shirt is the perfect shirt for your little one. This shirt is made of 100% cotton and is machine-washable. It features lovable numberblock characters on the front along with your child’s name printed above it. It’s a great way to add a custom touch to your little Numberblocks fan.

These gifts are a great choice for the little Numberblocks fan in your life. Not only will they keep your little ones entertained, but they’ll also be learning the basics of math. It’s a win-win gift for parents and children.

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