Is It Okay Crack Your Back While Pregnant?

Is It Okay To Crack Your Back While Pregnant?

During pregnancy, the normal aches and pains of carrying your baby will eventually catch up to you and may even present as a tight or stiff back. When this occurs, you’re probably left wondering whether or not it’s safe to find relief through cracking your back.

It’s perfectly safe to crack your back from time to time while pregnant, as long as you aren’t overextending it in any way. This is a normal way to relieve lower back tension that builds up while pregnant, but if you are high-risk, you may want to discuss the subject with your doctor first. 

In the following guide, we’ll be discussing the safest ways to crack your back while pregnant in order to relieve tension. We’ll also be sharing some tips on when it might not be safe to crack your back while pregnant. Keep reading to learn the details. 

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Cracking your back while pregnant

There are several scenarios that commonly arise during pregnancy where gently cracking your lower back is a safe way to relieve pain and tension. The following bodily changes in pregnancy lead to a need for back cracking:

  • A change in your back posture
  • Pregnancy inflammation 
  • Supporting new weight
  • Uterus growth (and shift in center of gravity)
  • Hormonal changes 

As your body adjusts to the continual weight gain of pregnancy, as well as the shift in your uterus positioning, your posture inevitably changes. Because of these posture changes, it’s only natural that your back will need to adjust and will probably become stiff at times. Cracking your back by twisting from side to side is one way to relieve posture-related aches and pains.

Inflammation and swelling that comes with pregnancy may also contribute to back pains. Although it’s not as common for spine inflammation to occur, it can happen for some individuals. Furthermore, there are specific pregnancy pains that come from all of those intense hormonal changes. 

One hormone in particular (relaxin) is responsible for making your pelvis more flexible as you prepare to deliver your baby. This relaxation can lead to back pains as your body adjusts. All of these instances of normal pregnancy back pains can be addressed with a proper back cracking, which we’ll discuss how to do below. 

Safely cracking backs during pregnancy

Keep in mind that there are ways to safely crack your back while pregnant without overextending yourself. According to the Cleveland Clinic, some of the best ways to safely crack your back involve gentle stretches and yoga. 

In fact, stretches are great for pregnant individuals, as they can promote physical activity and prevent a sedentary lifestyle. The benefits go further, too, as studies have even suggested that women who stretch while pregnant experience lowered heart rates and blood pressure. 

One such stretch for cracking your back can be done while seated:

  1. Sit in a chair with good posture
  2. Twist your upper body to one side and hold for three seconds
  3. Repeat on your other side 

Another way to gently crack your back is to stand up straight with your body parts facing forward. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, lined up directly beneath your shoulders. Then , twist to the right for a few seconds before doing the same on your left side. And of course, you might employ the help of a foam roller designed to relieve muscle tension. 

When not to crack your back

The main reason that you should not crack your back is if you are finding yourself doing it too frequently. During pregnancy, a certain amount of aches and pains are perfectly normal. But if you’re needing to twist and pop your back several times a day, you could have a deeper back issue going on. 

If this is the case, or you suspect that it may be the case, it’s best to speak with your doctor and find out if you may need the help of a chiropractor. 

Otherwise, you should also avoid having another person, such as a partner or family member, crack your back for you. The problem with someone else cracking your back is that they do not know your body like you do, and they are also not likely to be a professional. 

You especially don’t want someone to walk on your back or do the classic hug-and-lift to try and relieve that back pain. This puts a pregnant person (as well as non-pregnant individuals) at risk of getting a serious spinal or muscle injury. It’s also not healthy for your baby to lie on your stomach while pregnant and have weight added to your back. 

Alternate pregnancy back pain relief

Although it is safe to crack your back during pregnancy, it can also be a risk of you’re doing it too often. This is why it’s good to find other ways to relieve the tension in your lower back that is nearly inevitable during different trimesters. 

Visit a chiropractor

One of the most obvious options is to visit a chiropractor – a doctor who specializes in neuromusculoskeletal systems – if you’re experiencing excessive back pain during pregnancy. 

A chiropractor is the only individual who you should really allow to crack your back for you, as they can do so safely and with professional insight.

Avoid becoming sedentary

A lifestyle change that may seem simple, but can be difficult while experiencing pregnancy symptoms, is to keep active. 

You may need to adjust your schedule to include a light walk around the block each day. Or perhaps you stand up from your work desk once an hour to stretch. Doing so will help to reduce the amount of stress on your lower back muscles. 

Proper footwear

Our third suggestion is one that is pretty convenient – wear the right shoes. While pregnant, you want to be wearing shoes that prioritize comfort and stability. High heels and wedges may be fashionable, but they aren’t going to keep you balanced with your changes in posture and weight. 

Stick with a good pair of close-toed shoes like sneakers that will provide the support you need to stay active and minimize the amount of aches and pains you experience during pregnancy.

Final thoughts

So, is it okay to crack your back while pregnant? It’s perfectly safe to relieve minor back tension while pregnant by cracking your back with gentle stretches. 

But if you have to do this super often, you should probably consult with your doctor. Never have someone else crack your back for you, or else you could risk an injury. Try out our tips today!

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