SNAP in Georgia

How To Apply for SNAP (Food Stamps) in Georgia

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a nationwide benefits service offered to help those needing assistance cover food costs. Who exactly can apply for SNAP benefits in Georgia? Do you have to have children to be eligible?

You don’t need to have a full household to be able to receive SNAP benefits. Anyone, even if it’s just a single person, is eligible to apply for SNAP in Georgia. If you have a limited income and low funds, SNAP can help you with the cost of food and groceries.

Learn more about the benefits of SNAP, also called food stamps, and how they can help you save money. Also, discover the exact requirements for Georgia residents to receive SNAP benefits and how you can apply today.

SNAP Benefits in Georgia

Firstly, in the state of Georgia, SNAP does not cover items such as alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or tobacco, household supplies (like soap and paper products), medicines, vitamins, pet foods, or any non-food items. 

SNAP Benefits can only be used to purchase food and plants or seeds that grow food for you and your household to consume. Some food supplements, such as Ensure, can be bought with SNAP benefits. Products such as ice and water are covered by SNAP.

Most stores will have a sign indicating that they accept SNAP or food stamps. However, most stores or locations authorized by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) will accept SNAP, which can also be referred to as food stamps or EBT.

How to Use an EBT Card

In order to use the funds given to you, you’ll be provided with a card and pin number where the SNAP benefit funds will be deposited. After your application has been accepted, your EBT card will be mailed to the address you provided. This is the card that you will be using in the store.

After you’ve finished shopping and are at the checkout counter, you can swipe your EBT card as if it were a regular debit card. You’ll enter the pin code provided and the provided funds will be deducted from the overall total. 

Income Requirements

To qualify for SNAP benefits you will either have to have a limited current bank account balance or have an annual income that meets the requirements. 

For a balance status, you will have to have a current bank balance (with your savings and checking combined) of under $2,001. If you’re over the age of sixty-five or have a disabled person within your household, your current bank balance (savings and checking combined) can fall anywhere under $3,001.

In terms of a maximum annual income, the following list will show the most your home can make in a single year before taxes depending on how many people are in your household in order to qualify for SNAP benefits in Georgia:

  • 1:$17,667
  • 2: $23,803
  • 3: $29,939
  • 4: $36,075
  • 5: $42,211
  • 6: $48,347
  • 7: $54,483
  • 8: $60,619

If your household has over eight members, simply add $6,136 for every additional individual.

How to Apply in Georgia

There are multiple ways to apply for SNAP in Georgia, either through mailing in an application, applying online, by telephone, or in person. If you wish to apply in person, you can locate your closest Department of Family & Children Services office with this locator

If you would rather apply by phone, you can call the SNAP Customer Customer Contact Center at (877) 423-4746 to submit an application via telephone. However, the process can also easily be done online by applying at

After logging in, choose “Apply for Benefits” and follow the provided instructions. The hours open to apply online are Monday through Friday, from 5 am to midnight. These times are excluding both weekends and holidays.

To download a PDF of the SNAP application, follow the provided link here. After filling out the application you can fax, mail, or hand deliver it to your local county DFCS office. The review process can take anywhere from seven to thirty days before being approved.

Senior SNAP in Georgia

If you’re over the age of sixty, you may be able to qualify for Senior SNAP in Georgia. Your medical expenses can be considered as a depleting factor in your gross annual income, as a result you may receive more SNAP benefits.

Medical expenses that exceed $35 per month can be considered an indicator of higher benefits. Medical expense includes:

  • Medical and/or dental care
  • Hospitalization, outpatient treatment, and elderly care
  • Prescription drugs and any medications prescribed by a doctor
  • Medical supplies and medical equipment prescribed by a doctor (including equipment rental costs)
  • Eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, dentures and prosthetic devices that were prescribed 
  • Health insurance and prescription drug insurance premiums
  • Medicare and Medicare supplement premiums
  • Transportation and lodging incurred during medical treatment, including the cost of mileage, parking, bus fare, taxi fare, and more.
  • Maintaining a homemaker, home health aide, child care service or a housekeeper who is necessary because of age, health condition or illness

Always be sure to list any medical expenses on your SNAP application and evidence of those expenses, such as insurance statements, medical bills, receipts with prescriptions, and more.

You can mail your finished Senior SNAP application to: Georgia Senior SNAP, P.O. Box 537, Avondale Estates, GA 30002.


If you are in need of assistance when paying for food and groceries and are a Georgia resident, you may qualify for SNAP benefits. Make sure you complete the application whether you do it in person, through the mail, online, or by phone. Although it may take up to thirty days before being approved, the benefits of SNAP are worth the wait. 

If you are a senior citizen with various medical expenses, you may also be eligible for more benefits through the Senior SNAP program in Georgia. Follow the official instructions here to ensure you receive the funds you need.

If you’re a single mom looking for assistance, feel free to browse our complete guide to Assistance and Grants for Single Moms in Georgia.

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