Here's How To Tell If Your Powdered Formula Has Gone Bad

Here’s How To Tell If Your Powdered Formula Has Gone Bad

Baby formula doesn’t last forever. If you notice that the powdered formula has gone bad, then you mustn’t give it to your child. Not only will your child not be a fan of the taste of the baby formula, but there is also a chance that it could make them sick.

The main sign that your powdered formula has gone bad will be an unpleasant smell or taste. You may also notice that the baby formula starts to clump a little bit. In some cases, your baby may even refuse to take the baby formula as it just tastes far too different from what they are used to.

Let’s explain in a bit more depth, shall we?

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What Happens if You Give Your Baby Powdered Formula That Has Gone Bad?

Most of the time, nothing. Your baby should be fine. However, it really isn’t worth the risk. If that baby formula looks even the slightest bit suspicious, then open up a fresh packet. There is always the risk that your baby can get sick from baby formula that has gone bad, or has been improperly stored.

If you have given your baby some formula that you believe has gone bad, then monitor them over the next few hours.

How Long Does Powdered Formula Last?

First things first, your powdered baby formula will last until the ‘best before’ date listed on the product packaging. Do not give it to your child beyond this date.

Once you have opened up the baby formula, it doesn’t matter what that date says (as long as you are not past the expiry), you have one month to give your child that powdered formula. If a month has passed and they haven’t consumed it all, then throw it away. It doesn’t matter if you are not noticing the signs of bad formula. It has gone bad.

Once the formula has been opened, make sure that you keep the lid closed. You should also ensure that the powdered formula is stored in a cool, dry location. It should never be kept in direct sunlight.

If you follow those tips, then most of the time, your powdered formula will never go bad. However, it is still worth knowing what the signs are.

Odd Taste or Smell

Before you give your baby any powdered formula, you should always taste it and give it a sniff.

If you are used to powdered formula, then you should know what it should look or taste like. If it tastes odd to you, then do not give it to your baby. Open up a fresh packet.

It is important to note that baby formulas can smell different depending on the manufacturer, as well as the type of formula being manufactured. For example, if you have a lactose-free baby formula, then it is OK if it smells a little like cheese. However, if the product isn’t lactose-free and it smells like cheese, then you probably shouldn’t be giving it to your baby at all. 

Don’t worry. If there is something wrong with the powdered formula, it probably isn’t going to make you sick. Your body is going to be more than strong enough to fight off whatever is inside of the formula. Your baby probably isn’t going to be able to do that

Your Baby Rejects The Formula

Babies know what they like and what they don’t like. If something tastes a little bit different to them, then they are going to turn it away.

If your baby drinks some of the formula and then refuses to drink any more, then there is a strong chance that the powdered formula has gone bad. This is assuming that your baby is actually hungry, which they should be if you are following their standard feeding times.

The Color Of The Powdered Formula Has Changed

A powdered formula should have a slightly off-white color. If the color has changed, then there is a chance that moisture or mold has started to grow in the formula. You probably don’t need us to tell you that this is probably not something that you should be giving your baby!

Remember, if you are going to be comparing the colors of baby formula, make sure that you do it between similar products. Powdered formulas from different manufacturers have different ingredients in them. This means that the colors can be slightly different. Always compare like for like. 

The Powdered Formula Has Started To Clump

Any sort of clumping in the powdered formula indicates that the formula has moisture inside of it. If there is moisture inside of the formula, then this means that bacteria has started to grow inside of it. Your baby should not be consuming this at all.

Even a small amount of clumping is enough to warrant throwing that powdered formula away and opening up a new packet. 

The Powdered Formula’s Ingredients Are Starting To Separate

Powdered baby formula is made from a whole host of ingredients. When they are mixed up together, they should have a singular color. You may notice the odd speck of a slightly different color, but nothing too crazy.

However, if you are starting to notice a serious separation of the ingredients in the powdered formula, then the product is long past its expiry date. You will need to throw it away.

You will know the ingredients are starting to separate because you will notice larger areas of off-color baby formula. This is never going to be a good sign.

Final Thoughts

As long as your baby is consuming their powdered baby formula within 30 days of opening (but never after the expiry date), then it is incredibly unlikely that the powdered baby formula will have gone bad. If it has gone bad, then you may notice that the color in the formula has started to change, or that there may be a bit of clumping. If the powdered baby formula looks different from normal, or even tastes different, you shouldn’t give it to your baby.

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