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18 Great Gifts for Single Moms in 2022

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Some gifts are the perfect way to say, “Hey, I was thinking of you, and wanted to help in any way I could.” Sometimes a mom doesn’t even realize she could have it better with an upgrade, like a new vacuum. Whatever the little things are in life that can make the single mom in your life happy, spoil her and love her as best you can. Here are our top picks for the best gifts for single moms.


Cash is always helpful, from paying utilities to buying groceries, cash can go such a long way. Sometimes that little extra cash buys more than just relief from bills, but it brings a gift in itself. Maybe it’s someone’s birthday approaching and you as a single mom didn’t know how to afford a nice gift; imagine then, the sweet surprise of a little extra money!

From buying the mounds of diapers required to keep up with the kid(s), to the hordes of food needed to feed said children. Plus you need to meet emotional needs and expectations, which aside from spending time together, does require a bit of spending money. Maybe you want to get your kid into a healthy pastime like learning to ride a bike but you can’t afford one; a gift of cash would be helpful to support your own family’s needs as well.

Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is both a pressure cooker and a slow cooker combined, and most people swear by its uses. Food cooks much more quickly with the unique method of pressure cooking; by heating a base and enclosing it with a tight seal, you are able to set the temperature to a much hotter boiling point than water with ease.

Everything from deep-fried chicken tenders to making cookies, this multi-cooker has virtually everything you need for any kitchen cooking! It saves so much time, and there is not much actually preparation needed on your end. You literally just place the food inside, select the needed cooking settings, and walk away until you hear that it’s done.

Any single mom that doesn’t own an Instant Pot should own one, so this should be high on the list of things to get for her. There are hundreds if not thousands of cookbooks that either apply directly to the Instant Pot or can be applied to the Instant Pot’s settings, so in addition to or in lieu of getting her that Instant Pot, you can always get recipe books! Especially ones with healthy meals that kids will also enjoy!


For those days when the kids are sleepy or may be away for the weekend, a quiet night at home is always a refreshing way for a single mom to recharge her batteries. An Audible subscription is a great way for her to distract herself from the hustle and bustle of the busy daily life, and she can do this while knitting, doing a puzzle, baking, or even while just treating herself to a spa day ay home.

If she already has an audible subscription, you can send gift cards directly to her account so she can make purchases and pay for the subscription in that way.

Amazon Prime

The next best thing to cash is basically an Amazon gift card because let’s face it, you can buy anything from a to z on amazon. Some moms (single or not), will put diaper orders on a subscription basis, so a gift card could help with the daily necessities.

Wish lists on amazon vary from things we need to the thing we want, but there are plenty of lists for both categories that have yet to be fulfilled. There are plenty of books, movies, TV shows, collector’s items, video games, and more that can be pre-ordered, and some of them come with a hefty price tag! A gift card would certainly lessen the impact of such a bill.


After a recent breakup or divorce, anyone can feel a little down on themselves, no matter how the split came to be. Some people like to have a complete makeover done, so going to a hairstylist and doing it the right way is the way to go! Sometimes people get so wrapped up in their daily routine that they can’t remember the last time they did anything like that for themselves. When you’re a single mom, your kids are your life, your whole world! And yes, we love them, but it’s nice to step back and have a little mom time to yourself once in a while.

The men and ladies at a salon are known for their caddy behavior, but the truth lies more along the lines of really knowing people by listening. Some of the best hairstylists are also the ones that have the best listening ear or shoulder to cry on. So getting a single mom a hairstylist gift card and recommendation, you are giving her a form of stress relief in more ways than one.

Car Maintenance

There is a reason there is a cliche about women knowing nothing about cars: most women don’t. Not all women, as there are plenty that knows their way around an engine or two, but generally speaking, cars don’t speak to women the same way they speak to men.

On the other hand, there is a cliche about car mechanics too: that they’re only after your money, and will do what they can to squeeze every penny out of you. That’s not to say that every mechanic actually does that, but rather, that cliche is in existence, so to have a referral to a good car mechanic that you can trust is more valuable than the car maintenance itself.

So if you throw in a gift card for a routine maintenance check on your car, you’ve given more than a one-time-use gift; now she has a place to go where she feels safe and that she can trust what the people there tell her.

Restaurant Gift Card

It’s not often that moms get to go out, but on the off chance that they do, what better a place to go than somewhere you don’t have to cook? You know mom more than I do, so you choose whether or not to get her a card to a fancy place she would go to with a guest, or whether to get her a card to a family restaurant. Some moms can easily get that time away, while other moms would rather skip the cooking for the whole family.


What better way to relax than to have a day at the spa, literally relaxing! There are few things better than going home after a day at the spa; your skin feels fresher, your mood feels lighter, and you feel healthier overall in an unexplainable way. Unfortunately, some spa resorts are pretty pricey. A gift card to a well-known spa and resort can really make a mom’s day!

House Supples

Especially for new single moms, house supplies are always in need. Sometimes it’s the little things that we don’t think about that add up financially and instead, we do without. Some important items you might not think of on your first night as a single mom include a trash can, first aid kit, dish soap, sponge, and wrack, pillows, laundry detergent, a broom, and so much more! Even in an established home, a new set of cleaning supplies like a mop and broom or a nice new vacuum can make a mom’s life so much easier.


As mentioned before, diapers are always a need for moms with young children. If you’ve never had children before, just know that kid’s go through diapers faster than you can possibly imagine. Do you think a teenager goes through toilet paper quickly? See how many diapers an infant uses in just one week and then you’ll understand.

Some babies have sensitive skin and require a specific brand or type of diaper so that they don’t get a rash or have difficulty breathing due to an allergic reaction to the material. Those diapers can be rather pricey sometimes, so adding to the seemingly never-ending diaper fund is one of the most helpful things a mom can receive.

Make-up Organizer

As any parent can attest to, organization becomes a thing of the past once you have children. There are a select few that manage to make it through the disciplinary years and come out organized, and there are others that swear the only way they survived was through organization. Either way, a make-up organizer can help keep things together, and if you get one that is childproof, kudos to you!


Again with the organization, a planner goes a long way, and some people don’t know what they are missing until they get it. Getting a whiteboard planner that can hang on the wall is an ideal way to put up a monthly schedule, while a small book version allows you to book out months in advance.

Journaling can save your life; so many people swear by the therapeutic calm that comes with journaling your daily thoughts down. Not many moms will say that they have time for such a thing, especially a single mom, but if it’s important, they will make the time.

Foot Massager

These are so cool! There are different varieties of foot massagers but generally, they are all automatic, electronic devices that aid in healing weary feet. For the single mom that’s constantly on the go, this gift could really allow her to center herself at the end of the day and relax with a good, well-deserved foot massage.

Inspirational Books

There is nothing like a good nighttime read, and what a better way to end the night than with positive inspiration? There are literally thousands of inspirational books online and in book stores, so take your pick! You could even get her a book store gift card for her to select her own.


The random gift of flowers brightens anyone’s day, and it will make your single mom feel loved and appreciated! Be sure to get colorful flowers, maybe ones that require little attention. Sometimes it’s wiser to skip the bouquet and go right to a house plant, such as a succulent or a philodendron (a type of hardy house plant). Some indoor house plants are harmful to pets and children, so be cautious with your purchases.

Amazon Echo

In short, Alexa is a virtual assistant. A single mom could literally use an extra pair of hands sometimes, so to have a backup set of eyes and ears ready to help you is extremely helpful in of itself. Alexa can order that next set of diapers to come in sooner, or she can cancel that brand, and get you a softer one.

There are TV shows and music she can bring up at the first request, and she can even adjust other electronic settings for you if you choose to use her in that fashion.

Family Photo Frame

Sometimes all she needs is a reminder on how much she is loved. A personalized family photo frame can be kept for years to come, and she can proudly show it in her home. It’s also a daily reminder of the people she loves, and what they mean to her.

Bath bombs

Got a single mom that doesn’t like the spa? No problem! Bring the spa to her! Bath bombs have become increasingly popular throughout the years, and have also become more and more complex in their creativity. Bath bombs come in all kinds of different colors and some even carry little trinkets inside.

The higher quality bath bombs are large and often have essential oils and other natural ingredients inside to help soothe your skin and leave you feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom! Get her a few sets of these in addition to a spa kit, like towels and lotion and such, and you’ve got your introverted mom a perfect day at the spa (at home).


There are literally dozens of gifts you can buy for the single mom in your life, just think about her daily schedule, what she does, what she wants to do, and what she does in the little spare time she gets. You’ll find clues as to the more personalized gifts you can get her!

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