7 Fun (And Wholesome) Activities For Your Bored Teenager

7 Fun (And Wholesome) Activities For Your Bored Teenager

Let’s be honest, teens get bored. We as parents can do everything in our power and sometimes still feel like we just can’t seem to keep our teenage kids entertained. Luckily, We’re here to help out with some fun ideas that may just be what you’ve been looking for.

The teenage years are some of the most interesting and confusing years of our lives. Boredom comes, it’s only natural. But at this age boredom can feel very different than when you are younger, and can possibly be sour if left without some positive direction. Whether it be tangible games, provoking thoughts, or a combination of the two, there will be some activities listed below for you.

Teenagers today face more distractions than any generation that has come before them. With the amount of media that is easily accessible, it can be difficult for young people to find direction or entertain themselves in a healthy way. It’s up to the parents to try and guide them in a constructive manner. The following options are some solid ideas to try.

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Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles demand focus and patience. Picking up each piece and selecting where it should go demands logical thinking as well as tactical abilities. Give your teen a jigsaw puzzle to solve with their buddies or on their own. You can progress to increasingly challenging jigsaw puzzles with more pieces as they develop mastery. See if they can make it to 1000 pieces or more!


  • Jigsaw puzzle (maybe start with 100-500 pieces and go from there)
  • A nice, clean tabletop or countertop


If you’ve ever done a puzzle before you know how super easy it is! Just pick one that you think your teen would be interested in (and with puzzles on literally every subject you should be able to find one they think is cool) then gather around the table, dump the box and go to town! Puzzles are a classic option that still is as fun and engaging today as they’ve been in the many years they’ve existed.


Who doesn’t love baking?! Any age group can enjoy baking together. Teenagers enjoy baking because it allows them the freedom to play around with recipes and create original ones. Additionally, they get to enjoy freshly baked bread, cakes, or cookies after each session. They could even try baking pizzas and muffins if they are interested. Plus, they will benefit from knowing how to bake later on in life.


  • A cookbook (they have fun ones that are themed like Star Wars or Jurassic Park, etc. Try to find one your teen will think is fun!) or a recipe found online
  • Ingredients (The recipe will determine what you need ingredient wise)
  • Oven, or air fryer or something similar
  • Kitchenware like baking sheets, oven mitts, etc.


Once you find a recipe that everyone is interested in then gather up your ingredients and give it a try. Always remember to be safe when operating a hot oven. This is a good time to remind teens that they must always be safe when baking on their own without supervision. Once you set up your workstation and make something delicious, then all you have to do is enjoy!


Cooking is an engaging activity, much like baking. Teenagers enjoy experimenting with ingredients to create foods they enjoy. By removing the items from your refrigerator and challenging them to create a dish using just those items, you can add some excitement. This will help your kid understand the value of flavor and fragrance, which are crucial to cooking.


  • Ingredients (either whatever you have, or go shopping if following a specific recipe)
  • Kitchenware (this varies depending on what you’re making, but general stuff like pots, pans, a stovetop, etc. will be good.. But you can totally work with whatever you’ve got!)


Be sure to clean your workstation before undergoing a cooking session, because you’re probably going to end up using every inch of counter space you’ve got. Then assemble all the ingredients and see where imagination takes you! If you’re following a recipe, keep the book beside you or print out the page from online as a reference.

Teenagers enjoy becoming involved in family affairs and every household could use a strategy for their meals. If you ask your teen what they think about the meal for the coming week, they will undoubtedly respond with their likes and dislikes. If kids prefer junk food, explain the benefits of healthy eating and offer the junk food alternative once or twice a week if necessary. Your teen will feel heard and have more self-confidence as a result.


  • Consider having a calendar or whiteboard up in the kitchen that everyone can access to write down their idea for dinners during the week
  • Or alternatively, just some time to sit down and discuss


If you go for the option of having a board of some kind (like a whiteboard, calendar, or corkboard) in the kitchen or somewhere nearby, then that will allow everyone to contribute their ideas at their own leisure. For this setup, make sure there are writing utensils available as well. Then just explain the rules and let everyone come up with their best ideas.


This is probably my personal favorite option. It’s relaxing to write. It aids in clearing one’s mind of all troubling thoughts. A teen can feel in charge of their life by making a to-do list for the day, and journaling can assist them in understanding their emotions and actions. 

You might also get them involved in some creative writing games and activities. They could start a blog to document the things they are enthusiastic about. This can put them on a path of self-expression and understanding that will help them know themselves and their place in the world.

Creative hobbies are always a positive force for healthy expression.


  • A solid notebook (a good starter notebook is the classic composition notebook)
  • A set of pens (let your teen play around and see what kind of pen they like this, there are many styles and types of pens for different preferences, and they vary quite a bit. Maybe start with something simple and affordable like a classic rollerball)


Let your teen have a nice, quiet space all to themselves where they can freely write and express their ideas without distractions. Instruct them on freewriting, which is just pouring your ideas onto the page without editing. Try to encourage the elimination of phones or tvs from the space, but don’t force it, let this be something they decide to do so they don’t feel pressure or stress.

Board Games

They may have enjoyed snakes and ladders as kids, but as they become older, their brains want more stimulation. Teens may occasionally play these games, but if you want your adolescent to spend some time away from screens, you must look for board games that will let them think and decide for themselves. 

Teens will like playing board games like Monopoly, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Scrabble, or maybe even more advanced games like Settlers of Catan, Risk, Axis & Allies, etc. If they want to dive even deeper try role playing tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, to let them be fully engaged in imagination as well as teamwork, planning, and strategy.


  • Some kind of board game (these are still widely available from retailers like CVS, Target, Barnes & Noble, etc.)
  • A tabletop space
  • Maybe some snacks!


The setup will depend greatly depending on the game you choose, but they all involve a tabletop space, some comfy chairs or cushions, and some good company! Maybe gather some snacks and drinks to make the session feel special and engaging.


Making candles is a fantastic activity to keep your adolescent focused on something positive. Your teen can create a variety of candles with the help of candle-making kits, which provide directions that are reasonably simple to follow. Additionally, there are numerous online resources available for manufacturing candles. 

By experimenting with various essential oils, your adolescent can create their own aroma. Additionally, handmade scented candles make wonderful presents for practically every celebration.


  • A guide from online
  • Some kind of mold, or jar
  • Wax
  • Wicks
  • Essential oils
  • A clean surface


If you opt to purchase a candle-making kit that will be the easiest as the setup is basically all included. Just gather your materials, select your space, and then follow the instructions. The process essentially is just pouring wax into a jar or mold after placing a wick in it, then using whatever essential oil you choose for the scent.


There are many activities that you and your teenager can do together to keep them from getting bored. These are just a few of the many options, but I hope they will help you have some ideas to try if you find yourself needing them. We all feel boredom, but during your teenage years, boredom left unchecked can lead to experimentation into dangerous territory. So a little positive encouragement and the show of love that is the desire to spend time together goes a long way when trying to entertain and also inspire your teenager.

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