Feel Guilty For Getting Angry With Your Baby? Try These Tips

Feel Guilty For Getting Angry With Your Baby? Try These Tips

Having a baby is a truly joyous experience. However, we would be lying if we told you that everything about having a baby is going to be sweetness and roses. There will be times, probably more often than you may think, where you will get angry with your baby. A lot of parents can feel guilty about this.

Right off the bat, we want to assure you that there isn’t a parent out there who hasn’t been angry at their baby at least once. It is normal. You are tired. You want to sleep. You are stretched to your breaking point. You will snap at some point. As long as you aren’t harming your baby, then it is fine. Trust us. You are going to get angry with your child a lot over the next few years.

Let’s share a few tips that should, hopefully, make the guilt a little bit easier for you to manage.

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Remind Yourself It Is Normal

Perhaps the best way to alleviate yourself of any guilt that you may be feeling is to remind yourself that it is normal to get angry sometimes. Everybody gets angry.

As long as your anger is not manifesting in a way that is causing harm to your baby, then you have had a perfectly normal human response. A lot of the things that can trigger somebody to get angry will be things that babies can cause (tiredness, stress, etc.)

The sooner you remind yourself that the thoughts that you are feeling are perfectly natural is the time that you realize that you have nothing to feel guilty about.

Although, of course, we do have to insist that it is only normal to get angry to the point where you may have a bit of a shout. If you are causing physical harm to your baby, that is not normal. This is not something that we can deal with here, but you are going to need serious help because your baby is in danger.

Take Time To Calm Down

A lot of those feelings of guilt are going to happen in the first few minutes after you have been angry at your baby. They are going to subside pretty quickly.

If you are feeling guilty, then take a few minutes away from the baby. We promise you, that baby is going to be fine. Put them in their crib or something, and step outside of the room.

Take some deep breathes. Once again, remind yourself that what you are feeling is perfectly normal. What you are dealing with in this situation happens to everybody, and you will get through it. We promise you. 

After a couple of minutes, we are sure that you are going to feel right as rain, and you are going to waltz back in and treat that baby with all of the love that it deserves.

Ask For Help With The Baby

If you have been tackling everything with the baby on your own, then you may find that it becomes harder and harder to shake those feelings of guilt. You may find yourself getting ever angrier. The more you snap, the more chance you have of struggling with those feelings of guilt.

Don’t be afraid to ask other people for help. We are sure that you all have friends or family members in your life that can take the baby off your hands for a few hours. They are probably going to love it.

In those few hours, take the time to care for yourself. Don’t feel guilty about this. If you feel great, then your baby is going to feel great.

Focus on why you may have been feeling burned out in the first place. For example, you may be too tired. If so, sleep. If you are feeling too stressed, then look for ways that you can get yourself pampered by somebody.

Cuddle Up To Your Baby Afterward

A lot of parents feel guilt because they think that their baby hates them. Trust us. Your baby probably doesn’t hate you. They may have been a little bit scared of the anger, but this is normal. We will be quite honest with you here; babies don’t feel much emotion-wise, and you aren’t going to be scarring them for life just because you got a little bit angry at them.

To prove it, once you have calmed down, go and cuddle your baby. Pamper them. We are positive that your baby is going to act in the same way that they always do towards you. This means that they still love you.

For most parents, the fact that their baby still has that love and innocence in their eyes is more than enough to get rid of those feelings of guilt. After all, the feelings of guilt are only there because people feel that they have done something wrong to their child.

Talk To Somebody

If you still can’t shake those feelings of guilt, then talk to somebody that is close to you. It could be your partner, family member, or a friend that you trust.

When you are tired and stressed, we are sure that your mind is going to be a bit on the foggy side. If you speak to somebody, then they will probably be able to bring you back down to earth and let you know that everything is perfect. They may even suggest ways that they can help you out in the future!

Final Thoughts

It is perfectly natural to get angry at a baby. You are tired and you are stressed. It is also normal to feel guilt after. However, we can assure you that those feelings of guilt are not going to last long. Your baby is going to love you. Just because you have shouted at them once, it isn’t going to scar them for life. Take some time to decompress and go back and love your baby!

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