Does Costco Take EBT Cards?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a government assistance program that many low-income single mothers rely on to help pay for food and groceries. Families who qualify for SNAP benefits receive an EBT card, which can be used to purchase food at participating retailers. Costco is one of the largest retailers in the United States and is known for its low prices and selection of bulk items. Many people wonder if Costco takes EBT cards, and the answer is yes, but there are a few things to know before using your EBT card at Costco.

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What is an EBT Cards?

The EBT card is a plastic card that looks similar to a credit card and is used to access your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. SNAP benefits can be used to purchase food at participating retailers. To get an EBT card, you must apply for SNAP benefits and be approved.

Does Costco Accept EBT?

The answer to this question is yes, Costco takes EBT cards as a form of payment. This means that if you are a beneficiary of a government assistance program (like SNAP or WIC) and would like to use your EBT card to purchase items from Costco, you can do so by presenting your card at the checkout counter.

What can you buy with an EBT card at Costco?

If you’re planning on shopping at Costco, then you’ll have to follow SNAP Guidelines to determine what you can and can’t purchase with your EBT card.

Here is a list of food items that you can buy at Costco with your EBT card.

  • dairy products
  • bread and cereals
  • formula
  • fresh meat
  • fresh produce
  • non-alcoholic beverages
  • snack foods
  • food-producing seed and plants

What can’t you buy with an EBT card at Costco?

As with all retailers, there are certain items that you can’t buy at Costco with an EBT card.

  • hot foods
  • alcoholic beverages
  • tobacco products
  • vitamins, supplements, medicines
  • cleaning products
  • toiletries
  • household supplies
  • pet foods
  • live animals
  • cosmetics
  • lottery tickets

Can you use your EBT card at Costco’s food court?

Costco’s food court is a popular place to get lunch, primarily because of the affordable prices. Unfortunately, you are not able to use your SNAP benefits (and EBT card) at Costco’s food court. This is because hot and prepared foods are not eligible to be purchased with an EBT card.

Which Costco stores accept SNAP/EBT?

All of Costco’s 800+ warehouse locations accept EBT cards, so you won’t have to worry about checking a particular Costco location’s SNAP policies before shopping there.

Can You Use Your EBT Card at Costco Online?

Unfortunately, your EBT card can only be used while purchasing at physical Costco locations. This means that you cannot use your card to purchase items from the Costco website.

How to Use EBT Card at Costco

If you’re purchasing items eligible for purchase with your EBT card, you’ll be prompted to present some form of identification. Once this is done, the cashier will swipe your EBT card at the register just like you would any other credit or debit card.

After the transaction is complete, keep your receipt in case there are any questions later on about your purchase. If you have any questions while shopping, don’t hesitate to ask a Costco employee for help.

Can You Return Food Items Bought with EBT at Costco?

Costco has one of the most customer-friendly return policies out of all the big-name grocery retailers. You can return your items for a full refund at Costco within 90 days for any reason. You can even return opened (and partially eaten) food products if you’re unhappy with the quality. Just make sure to keep your receipt.

Closing Thoughts

To sum it up: Yes, you can use your EBT card at Costco. All of their warehouses currently accept EBT, plus they have a great return policy to boot. Just keep in mind that not everything in Costco can be purchased with an EBT card, as you still need to follow government guidelines of what can and can’t be paid for with SNAP benefits.

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