9 Creative & Sneaky Ways To Announce A Pregnancy

For many people, pregnancy can be one of the most thrilling experiences a person can have. The excitement of decorating a room, buying clothes, and filling the house with toys is enough to send parents into a full-blown baby fever. One thing that can put a damper on all the excitement is trying to find the perfect way to make your big announcement to your friends and family. There are many ways to announce your pregnancy, but you’ll need to be careful if you want to be unique and subtle. 

Are You looking for sneaky ways to make your pregnancy announcement? Here are a few ways you can drop the news without being like everyone else.

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Ditch The Corny Stuff

Before you can brainstorm an effective and impactful pregnancy announcement, it’s crucial for you to eliminate the cheesy, overdone theatrics that are littered throughout the internet. If you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, there is a strong chance that you’ll see enough corny baby announcements to make you want to plant a field. So, to create your unique announcement, you’re going to have to avoid any cheesy ideas. 

Announcing your pregnancy is a memorable experience, so why waste the excitement by recycling old ideas? Before you make your announcement, steer clear of ideas that someone has already used.

Surprise Family Portrait

Are you looking for a way to get the genuine reaction of your family in a snapshot? Taking your loved ones for an impromptu photo shoot can be an excellent way to make your announcement stand out from all the rest. The goal of the portrait is to surprise your family with your announcement during the countdown before the snapshot is taken.

Doing your announcement this way is sure to get looks of shock, joy, and awe that you can proudly add to your photo album.

Grandparents Starter Kit

If your parents have been asking (pestering) you for grandchildren for ages, this announcement strategy is a surefire way to bring a smile to their face (and some relief to you). The Grandparent’s starter kit is an ETSY box that is fully stocked with items that are a staple in the houses of new parents.

 Just make sure that you find a way to record their reaction so you can watch it repeatedly.

Grandparent Golf balls

Do you have an avid golfer in your family? This may be the perfect surprise the next time they head out onto the green. This subtle message is printed directly onto the golf balls, making them off-limits for trying to sink a hole in one. 

Besides, there’s a strong chance that these will look better in a special spot rather than stuck in a sandbar.

The Telephone Game

As a secret-sharing classic, the telephone game can definitely fill your day with plenty of laughs. The telephone game can also create an excellent setup for a spectacular surprise. A cool way to pull this off is to wait until your turn to deliberately change the message (as we’ve all done at some point) to sneak in your pregnancy announcement.

But be prepared for the game to get brought to a screeching halt as you drop the baby bombshell.

Munchkin Announcement

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love a tasty box of munchkins. What can make this deal even better is slipping your pregnancy announcement into a box of these treats. If you want, you can use a variety of items to help get your message across 

To make your munchkin announcement, you can use 

  • Ultrasound photos
  • Scrabble letters
  • Cardboard messaging
  • Baby Jewelry

Write a Letter From the Baby to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Parents

As potentially one of the more heartfelt options on the list, writing a letter from the perspective of your unborn baby has the potential to leave everyone in the room wiping their eyes from all the happy tears that are sure to follow. For this announcement feel free to dip deep and really capture the essence of life from what your new baby may feel upon entering the world. 

You can use this to express feelings of gratitude that you may have for your parents, friends and family from the perspective of your little one. This heartfelt approach is sure to leave a lasting impression and create beautiful memories.

Pregnancy Scratch-Off Lotto Tickets

If you’re looking for a laugh while you announce the big news, using a scratch off lottery ticket can be the way to go. Your family will wonder what is going on as they try to figure out why you’ve given them a lottery ticket. A pregnancy scratch off is a realistic looking replica that will have your friends and family wondering what you’re up to. It gets even better when they believe that they’ve hit the jackpot, and find out that you’re expecting.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

If your parents are coffee lovers, personalized mugs are a great way to hide the announcement right under their nose (literally). The mug has a design with a custom message just for them that they can only find once they’ve finished off a cup of joe. 

Keep some napkins nearby just in case a few coffee drips are accidentally spilled from the surprising news.

Wizard Egg

This one is for avid fans of Harry Potter who want a clever way to immerse themselves in the wildly popular series. The wizard egg comes in a small box with a red  seal of your choosing and represents a golden snitch from the famed quidditch matches that helped define the Harry Potter subculture.

 Inside the box you’ll find that the item sits on spanish moss with a message instructing those who open the box to crack the egg. At which point, the recipient can view your announcement. 

This clever pregnancy announcement can help you add to the magic of preparing for parenthood.

Pregnancy announcements are a special time, and it can be challenging to find ideas to make an announcement stand out. The items on this list represent a general guideline of how you can announce your big news. But, the best way to make your announcement is doing something that you feel best represents your personality, and how you want to make those you love a part of your new journey.

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