Can You Manually Enter Your EBT Number At Walmart?

About to check out but realized you have forgotten your EBT card? If so, you might be wondering if you could just enter the number manually. 

Unfortunately, while this would be convenient it is not currently possible to manually enter your EBT number at Walmart. To use your EBT card, you will always need to have the card present so that it can be physically swiped for the transaction. 

Want to learn more about using EBT cards at Walmart? Read further below for some tips and tricks on how to make the most of your shopping trip with an EBT card. 

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What Is An EBT Card?

EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer. An EBT card is the method for delivering those included in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program with credits to exchange for pre-approved goods. These cards essentially work the same as a typical debit or credit card, with a few caveats. 

Each card will come with its own secret PIN so that only the user is able to access the funds. To use the card, one must simply select eligible items, and then swipe the card at checkout. These cashless cards are convenient for users, and allow for the government to easily transfer funds to the individual for use. 

Can You Manually Use EBT Card At Walmart Checkout?

If you’ve found yourself caught without the EBT card, you will unfortunately not be able to manually enter the information for checkout at Walmart. This is because you need to be able to physically swipe the card to access the funds. 

While this may be an annoyance in some instances, this is used to keep your SNAP credits safe. If you could manually enter the number, it would be much easier for people to potentially steal information and access your SNAP benefits illegally without your permission. 

What To Do If Your EBT Card Is Lost Or Stolen

Losing your EBT card or having it stolen can put a big wrench in your plans. Anything that affects one’s ability to put food on the table is a serious concern, and naturally is a huge source of stress and frustration. As such, if you are in this situation you likely want to know what you should do! 

The most important thing is to report the card as stolen as soon as possible. You can report a lost or stolen card by calling the number on the reverse of the card. This number will depend on where you live, so try searching for it online to find the right one for your state. 

Making this call early will help you in getting a replacement as quickly as possible. Reporting it early may also help to prevent identity theft from occurring against you if you are suspicious that someone has stolen your card. No matter what the cause is, the important thing to remember is to report the card missing as soon as you can. 

Can You Pull Cash Out With An EBT Card?

If you would rather spend your EBT money in cash, you may be wondering if it is possible to pull out your balance from an ATM or through cashback. Using cash is less secure than cards, but if you are in the habit of primarily using cash, this will eliminate the need to use a card. 

Luckily, you can use an EBT card to get cash! This can be done once per month at an ATM or following a transaction by using the cashback option, provided you have a balance remaining. 

Generally, if you want to pull cash out of an ATM or from a bank teller with your EBT card, it will come with a fee. This fee is variable and depends on which type of ATM, the bank, and other factors. 

This option is great for those of us who need cash and gives EBT users some needed flexibility. Before you do take advantage, just be sure to look up your state’s specific rules regarding potential fees and limitations on taking cash out of your SNAP account. 

Finding SNAP Eligible Items At Walmart

Once at the store, you should know you cannot buy everything with an EBT card. The items you are qualified to purchase must be SNAP eligible first. The government limits most of what you are allowed to purchase into the category of “Staple Foods.” These are usually healthy foods considered essential to a balanced diet. 

Categories of Staple Foods include: 

  • Meat, Fish, Poultry 
  • Dairy, Milk, Cheese
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Bread & cereals

If you prefer shopping online at Walmart, you can even apply filters to a search so you can browse all available EBT-eligible options. All you will have to do is input your EBT card as a payment method and then save the card. After this, you should be able to use your EBT online without a basket minimum. 

How To Check EBT Account Balance

EBT cards are convenient as they free the user from needing to handle cash, or redeemable coupons to get their food. EBT cards are also user-friendly for allowing the cardholder to access their account balance at any time. This allows users to check their balance to ensure they have enough for a purchase, or to check their recent transactions. 

There are several ways you should be able to access this information. One is to call the number included on the back of the card. If you ask, the help center will likely be able to provide you with the balance. An easier way, however, is to download the myEBT app. This app will allow you to log in and check your balance at any time. 


As you can tell, there are some limitations to using your EBT card, but also some pretty nice features too! EBT cards cannot be used in Walmart, or any store, without it being physically there, and swiped at checkout. 

EBT cards come with other restrictions, but these are primarily precautions to prevent any foul play. Check with your state to find out if there are any other rules or regulations that you need to be aware of. 

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