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Can You Exchange Diapers For A Different Size?

Your baby is finally here and they may be growing just a bit faster than expected. Have they already skipped a size, leaving you with a diaper surplus? 

If the diaper package is unopened, it can easily be exchanged for a different size. All that’s required is that you take the product back and speak with customer service for an exchange.

Every store has its own policies, but overall this process is simple. Discover the protocol for exchanging diapers whether it’s online or in-store. Plus, we’ll discuss what to do if you want to return reusable cloth diapers or donate unexchangable diapers.

Exchanging Diapers In-Store

Whether you were gifted packs of diapers or decided to stock up beforehand, there are plenty of reasons why you’re now stuck with a treasure load of diapers that are the wrong size. No matter the reason, you can easily exchange them all for a different size.

If the package is unopened and you still have the receipt, most stores will readily exchange or even refund the product. Be sure to return to the store that the diapers were originally purchased from, or at least the same chain. 

If the product is open, it may give you less of a chance for an exchange. Unless you can prove that the diapers were in fact faulty and not just the wrong size, you may be unable to receive either a refund or exchange.

Exchanging Without a Receipt

Most of us lose our receipts immediately after receiving them and that shouldn’t be an issue. After bringing an unopened product back to a store without a receipt, the least they can offer is a simple exchange for an equally priced diaper product. 

Now, let’s say the diapers were gifted and you don’t have the gift receipt. No worries, most stores will be more flexible about exchange policies if they were purchased through a gift registry. Head over to customer service, explain your situation, and they will certainly provide you with an exchange for a different-sized diaper product.

Exchanging Diapers Online

When it comes to online retailers, always be sure to check their refund or exchange policy beforehand. Usually, exchanging products is more efficient than imagined. The online store may require you to send back the product or they’ll ask you to keep it. 

No matter what, the seller will be able to either provide an exchange for a different size or a gift card for an equal amount that can be used to purchase a better-fitting diaper.

Can You Return Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers are a more unique situation as they will likely be unable to be exchanged unless you can prove that they’ve never been used. If they still have a tag or another form of evidence to prove that they are unused, then you will likely be eligible for an exchange or refund.

If you’re unable to receive either, then consider repurposing your cloth diapers. There of plenty of ways you can reuse cloth diapers, including:

  • Use as baby doll accessories for your kids: Having children play with baby dolls and dress them in cloth diapers can help them better exercise their imagination, motor skills, and emotional development.
  • Turn cloth diapers into cleaning cloths: Since these cloth diapers and their inserts are built with great absorbency power than they can easily become your next sturdy cleaning cloths. Juice spills are no match for a repurposed cloth diaper cleaning cloth.
  • Perfect for DIY projects and crafts: Reuse cloth diapers for stuffing homemade cushions or pillows. The cloth can also be perfect for your next craft project.
  • Give the cloth diapers to a friend: If you know someone who’s expecting or has a newborn, they’ll likely be more than happy to accept some unused cloth diapers.

Donating Unused Diapers

If none of the above strategies worked for you and your left with a plethora of diapers, consider donating them. There are many moms and families who are struggling to afford diapers. 

According to the National Diaper Bank Network, one in every three families in the United States can’t afford the proper amount of diapers to keep their children clean. As a result, donating your unused diapers can make a significant difference for a family.

Look online for your local Diaper Bank or Infant Crisis Center to donate your leftover diapers. More than 225 community-based diaper banks around the United States collect, store, and give away free diapers to low-income families, and the National Diaper Bank Network links them together and provides support.

Finding a Diaper Bank in your state is more than easy as the NDBN has an interactive map for you to find the nearest locations where you can donate your unused diapers.


Whether your baby is growing fast or you simply stocked up too much in one size, exchanging diapers for a different size is not a complicated process. For in-store purchases, just head in with your unopened diapers and receipt and let the customer service associate do the heavy lifting.

For online purchases, reach out to their customer service team and learn if you’ll have to send in your diaper products in order to receive a refund or exchange. If your package is opened or you don’t have a receipt, exchanges can be trickier but not entirely impossible. Always check with the retailer to see if it’s still possible. 

As for the ever-controversial cloth diaper, you should be able to exchange them for a different size as long as it’s clear that they were never used. This can be proved either with tags still attached or the protective lining. If you’re unable to refund or exchange them, go ahead and repurpose them into cleaning cloths, doll diapers, and more.

In the unlikely event that none of these strategies worked, there’s still another option. With countless families struggling to afford diapers, your unused diapers can help a family more than you imagine. Search for an Infant Crisis Center or a Diaper Bank near you and they can help you donate your unused diaper products to a family in need. 

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