66 Baby Names That Mean Trickster or Mischievous

66 Baby Names That Mean Trickster or Mischievous

If you enjoy pulling a prank on your friends and getting into a little mischief here and there, then it’s likely your little ones will follow in your footsteps.

If you’re looking for an apt name for your newborn that’ll signify a fun loving spirit, here are 66 playful baby names meaning Trickster (or similar), many of which are rooted in ancient mythology.

Hatitosa – Native American name meaning “playful.”

Akuji – Japanese name meaning “mischievous child.”

Weylin – Anglo-Saxon name meaning “wily one.”

Pyro – Greek name meaning “fire.”

Alonso – Spanish name meaning “eager.”

Iris – Greek goddess of chaos and discord.

Tempest – English name meaning “stormy one.”

Cameron – Scottish Gaelic name meaning “crooked nose.”

Leesi – Native American name meaning “coyote.”

Kaylus – Native American name meaning “trickster.”

Makalo – Hawaiian name meaning “talkative one.”

Briar – English name meaning “thorny patch.”

Buster – English nickname meaning “troublemaker.”

Charlie – English nickname meaning “free man.”

Cannon – English name meaning “gunner.”

Crash – English name meaning “one who breaks things.”

Dreamer – Native American name meaning “one who has visions.”

Ella – English name meaning “beautiful fairy woman.”

Gunner – German name meaning “warrior.”

Harlow – English name meaning “army hill.”

Iniko – African name meaning “born during difficult times.”

Indra – Hindu god of weather and war.

Jett – English name meaning “black gemstone.”

Jagger – English name meaning “one who chases hares.”

Jerry – English nickname meaning “spear carrier.”

Penelope – Greek name meaning “weaver of webs.”

Raven – English name meaning “black bird.”

Ruse – French name meaning “trickery.”

Wilder – English name meaning “untamed one.”

Iggy – Latin name meaning “fiery one.”

Pixie – English name meaning “mischievous fairy.”

Koa – Hawaiian name meaning “warrior.”

Maverick – English name meaning “unbranded calf.”

Ruby – English name meaning “red gemstone.”

River – English name meaning ” flowing body of water.”

Nova – Latin name meaning “new.”

Phoenix – Greek mythological bird that is reborn from its ashes.

Ursa – Latin name meaning “bearlike.”

Valentine – Latin name meaning “healthy and strong.”

Xanthus – Greek mythological horse that was turned into a constellation.

Zephyr – Greek god of the west wind.

Aiden – Irish name meaning “little fire.”

Apollo – Greek god of the sun.

Beckett – Anglo-Saxon name meaning “beehive.”

Benny – Hebrew name meaning “son of my right hand.”

Blaise – French name meaning “stutter.”

Brody – Irish surname meaning “ditch.”

Campbell – Scottish surname meaning “crooked mouth.”

Chance – English name meaning “luck.”

Clancy – Irish surname meaning “red-haired warrior.”

Kane – Irish name meaning “battle.”

Loki – Norse god of mischief.

Merlin – Arthurian wizard.

Morpheus – Greek god of dreams.

Orion – Greek mythological hunter.

Oscar – Irish name meaning “deer lover.”

Percy – French name meaning “pierce the valley.”

Peyton – English surname meaning “fighting town.”

Quentin – French name meaning “fifth child.”

Rafe – Hebrew name meaning “eager one.”

Rhys – Welsh name meaning “enthusiasm.”

Riley – Irish surname meaning “courageous.”

Ronan – Irish name meaning “little seal.”

Sullivan – Irish surname meaning “dark-eyed one.”

Trace – English name meaning “path or tracks.”

Wyatt – Anglo-Saxon name meaning “hardy and brave.”

What’s in a name? For some parents, the answer is everything. They want a name that’s unique, memorable, and fitting for their little one. If you’re looking for playful baby names that mean trickster or mischievous, then the aforementioned list is the perfect starting point!

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