7 Bottles for Tongue-Tied Babies: The Top Picks

Some young babies might have trouble getting milk from the bottle, either they are having trouble building up the appropriate suction, their tongue is not reaching, or they might just not have developed the skill yet. In other instances, a small piece of skin on the tongue prevents a wide range of movement, often called a tongue tie. In any of these instances, mothers are likely to wonder what to do in response. 

If you’re finding that your baby is tongue-tied, you might want to consider checking out a baby bottle designed to make feeding as easy as possible. Luckily there are many different brands available, giving parents an array of options to choose from. 

Wondering what the best bottle might be for your tongue-tied baby? Stick with us and we will provide a comprehensive list of our favorites, complete with some helpful information on each one. 

Our Top Pics Of Baby Bottles For Tongue-Tied Babies

It isn’t uncommon for young babies to run into difficulties when feeding. Because they are so young, many babies still lack the coordination, strength, or flexibility to properly get the milk from the bottle into their mouths. They still have a lot of learning to do, and eating is no exception! 

For babies experiencing tongue tie, a condition marked by a small piece of skin present on the tongue, moving the tongue can be quite difficult, leading to problems breastfeeding. 

This is where a well-designed baby bottle can quickly become a lifesaver. Bottles designed for easy milk flow, grip, suction, and durability are always preferred, especially for babies with a tongue tie, or simply are lacking the skills to efficiently feed. These are some of the qualities prioritized while putting together this list.  

Listed below are our top picks for the best bottles for tongue-tied babies: 

  1. Mimijumi Starter Baby Bottle
  2. Evenflo Balance
  3. Dr. Brown’s Specialty Feeding Kit 
  4. Nuk Glass Bottle
  5. PopYum
  6. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle
  7. Avima Newborn Baby Starter Set

Below we will take a look at the features provided by these different bottles. 

Mimijumi Starter Baby Bottle

Mimijumi baby bottles are designed to closely resemble the breastfeeding experience and are marketed as being intended to aid in transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. This bottle is easy to use, and flexible as it comes in a large/small size and two different types of “nipple” designed for use at different stages of your baby’s growth. 

Mimijumi even has options for nipples of varying skin tones to create a realistic experience for your baby. Mimijumi bottles are also designed using an anti-colic venting system. In layman’s terms, this system helps to reduce the air intake of the bottle, thus reducing the likelihood that your baby will get the burps after feeding. 

You can find their well-loved starter bottle set here on their website

Evenflo Balance

These glass baby bottles come with high recommendations by both feeding experts, and through the hundreds of reviews, you can see on their site. And this is no surprise considering this bottle was made in collaboration with pediatric feeding specialists! 

The bottle comes with a unique, naturally shaped nipple to promote easy and wide latching for your baby. This bottle also is designed with integrated venting to help prevent gas, and general fussiness. The design is customizable to suit your needs, so you can adjust neck style, size, and even the material that the bottle is made with (your choice of glass or plastic). 

Dr Brown’s Specialty Feeding System Starter Kit

Specially designed for babies experiencing conditions that make feeding time difficult, Dr Brown’s is a trusted source for high-quality bottles made to suit babies in need of extra support during feeding. Babies with conditions like cleft lip/palate, facial anomalies, congenital heart disease, or other problems that might interfere with feeding might find some relief from Dr Brown. 

This kit comes with two different bottle sizes, extra feeding valves, travel caps, wire cleaning brushes, and more! One of the great things often remarked in reviews of this product is that it allows babies to get their milk without needing to create suction, simply bite down, and the rest should be simple. 

Nuk Glass Bottle

Designed to resemble the flow, fit, and shape of a human breast, these bottles emulate a natural feeding experience. The bottle comes with a spiraled nipple design with multiple holes to simulate the workings of a real breast. 

This bottle is easy to clean, comes with a vent to reduce gassiness, and is perfectly dishwasher-safe! There are different bottles to choose from, and each will have a capacity of 4 ounces. 

Popyum Bottle

This bottle is built with a unique design that keeps the formula separate from the water until ready to serve. Simply shake the bottle when the baby is ready to eat, and you’re good to go. The bottle is designed with a wide mouth and anti-colic venting to reduce the likelihood of an upset, and likely gassy baby. 

This bottle comes in either a 5oz size or a 9oz option for extra hungry babies. The nipple is designed with a natural latch, and with one-handed operation, the Popyum bottle is an excellent choice for busy parents in need of a reliable baby bottle. 

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle

This glass bottle is well protected, as it comes designed with high-quality, shock-resistant glass wrapped in a colorful and attractive silicone sleeve. The bottle is able to hold up to 4oz of milk at a time and comes with a leak-proof cap, a slow-flow nipple, and a stopper. 

This bottle is easily sanitized, as it is dishwasher safe, BPA free, and made only with the best materials. Additionally, because it is so well protected, you should be fine to take this bottle on the go.

Avima Newborn Baby Bottle Set

This is a great option for parents in need of a whole set of bottles to get them started. This includes three slow-flow nipples, three medium-flow, four pacifiers, bottle brushes, and three 4oz bottles along with an additional three 9oz bottles! More than enough to set you up! 

The nipple design supports tooth development and healthy jaws, and with a long nipple, should be easy for most babies to latch on to for feeding. The bottle is also latex and BPA-free. 


The needs of each baby will be different, and for babies with more severe feeding-related problems, some bottles will be better than others. Still, we hope the options listed here helped to cover some of your concerns so you can find the best bottle for your little one! 

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