14 Non-Baby Gift Ideas For New Parents

Buying a present for a new parent? The first things many people naturally gravitate towards buying tend to be baby related, but what if you want to get something for them, and not the baby?

If you are buying a gift for new parents around this eventful time in their lives, you can bet that the majority of the gifts they receive will be related to the baby. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes a gift just for the parents can be really special and appreciated after being kitted out with tons of baby gear. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration to give those new parents in your life a little something for themselves, this is the article for you! Read further on for 14 non-baby gift ideas you can get for new parents! 

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Non-Baby Gift Ideas For New Parents

If you’re seeking inspiration for non-baby gifts for the new parent in your life we’ve got you covered with our very own list of x gifts that fit the bill, below is an overview of what you can expect:

  1. Gift Cards For Takeout & Delivery
  2. Babysitting Service
  3. Comfy Robe
  4. Camera
  5. Coffee Maker
  6. Milk Frother
  7. Slow Cooker/Multi Cooker
  8. Temperature Controlled Mug
  9. A Subscription Service
  10. Water Bottle
  11. Wireless Headphones
  12. Wine!
  13. Robot Vacuum 
  14. Foot Massager

Gift Cards For Takeout & Delivery

I know this one is controversial but hear me out! When raising a newborn no one wants to deal with the added pressure of preparing meals every night. That’s where a gift card can become a lifesaver. With one, the new parents will be able to enjoy a relaxing night with delicious food, and they won’t even have dishes to do after! 

Try looking for gift cards from restaurants that offer deliveries, but don’t shy away from pickup either if it’s a really good place. Bonus points if you pick a small business, but you can also consider getting them a gift card from a popular food delivery service. These cards will allow them to choose for themselves, so they can pick a personal favorite. 

Babysitting Service

If you have a close relationship or are a family member, why not offer up your services as a babysitter? You’d be surprised at how appreciative most people would be to have someone to rely on to take up this duty. 

You can even give it some flair by making them a cute coupon they can redeem for however many times you choose! Doing this you will have something physical to give them with the gift that will make it memorable and potentially funny. This one is a personal gift so go all out!

A Comfy Robe

Honestly, we could all use a nice robe, and when you just had a baby, you need it even more. Perfect for early mornings spent nursing or rocking babies back to bed, a soft robe is the perfect creature comfort for a hard-working parent. 

A Camera

Having a baby is the start of a new life. With that comes countless new memories to explore, and as a parent, they will definitely want a way to save and cherish those memories. Having a camera is a great way to keep those memories in physical form. Especially if you get them a Polaroid camera! This will allow them to have their photos printed out right after they take them! 

Coffee Maker

Something they will need while raising a child is lots and lots of energy. It’s exhausting raising a baby and there will be plenty of times that the new parents need a little boost. It’s likely that they already have some sort of coffee maker, likely either a drip or Keurig coffee maker, but if the recipient of your gift enjoys a good cup, we can do better than that! 

Coffee is of course subjective, but we think it’s nice to have some options. You can of course choose your preferred option but one I can personally recommend is the Nespresso Vertuo. This machine can make various types of coffee drinks, delivering delicious, truly barista-grade coffee at the touch of a button. Milk frother not included. 

Milk Frother

A natural follow-up to a coffee maker, a milk frother is a great gift for a coffee lover, and especially one who needs a daily latte to function. Having a frother on hand will save them a trip to Starbucks so they can have their favorite coffee drink whenever they need it. 

Various brands offer hand-held wand-style milk frothers, and while these will do the trick, better options exist if you’re willing to pay a little extra. A great option is this milk frother available through Breville. This model gives the user plenty of options to determine the temperature and texture of the milk so they can make all of their preferred drinks!

Slow Cooker/Multi Cooker

Some of the best gifts for new parents are things that will help to make their lives easier and more convenient. A slow cooker or multi-cooker both fit that criteria! You can throw just about anything into one of these, and with the completely hands-off process that comes with preparing food this way, a slow cooker is a great choice for those with a busy schedule. 

Temperature Controlled Mug

New parents spend plenty of time rushing around. With so much to get done, it can be easy to forget the small things, like the cup of coffee they were supposed to enjoy with breakfast! Cold coffee is a big bummer if you want it hot, so what if you could get them a self-warming mug? 

One of these will help keep their coffee warm so they can take their time caring for the baby without any worry that their coffee will have gone bad in the meantime. If the new parents are picky coffee fans, this device could quickly become their new favorite mug. 

A Subscription Service

For parents now needing to stay home looking after a baby, a subscription service could come in handy. There are many different subscription services available today, so you can select the one that suits the interests or needs of your gift recipient. Some types of subscriptions to consider are:

  • Movie/Television Streaming – Hulu, Netflix, Mubi, etc.
  • Music Streaming – Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, etc
  • Games Streaming – Xbox Game Pass, PS Now, Nintendo Switch Online

With subscription services, there really is something for everyone. Find the service that will work best and you are sure to provide a gift that will be used often and well appreciated too!

A Water Bottle

Everyone can use a good reusable water bottle, not only do they allow us to stay hydrated on the go, but they also reduce plastic consumption. The ability to remain hydrated with a conveniently portable bottle can provide some nice comfort, even when they find themselves spending most of their day at home. 

If the gift recipient’s personality fits, you can even look for a bottle with a cool design or something in their favorite color! It sounds like a small thing, but having a happy design or one that they just personally enjoy can really serve as a nice mood enhancer, and can make the water bottle one of their valued personal possessions! 

Wireless Headphones

When working around the house, especially with a baby, if you’re wearing wired headphones it can be really frustrating if they get caught on something. If the new parents love listening to music, maybe you can help them with an upgrade! 

Wireless headphones can give mom or dad some free time to enjoy some of their favorite music without waking a sleepy baby, or give mom some well-needed rest and podcast listening time after a long day with the baby. There are lots of brands available at different price points, so go for the one that gives the best balance of performance and price. 


After holding back from indulgence for her entire pregnancy, momma will understandably be looking forward to a glass (or many more) of quality wine. And because she probably won’t have the time or energy to hit the bars, why not give her a hand yourself with a wine subscription service? 

Try getting her a subscription to a trusted service like Winc so she can select from over 100+ bottles of win. Using a service such as this will let mom choose her own favorites so she can explore her tastes and get what she feels suits her best. 

Robot Vacuum 

We’ve all considered getting one of these at some point, but for whatever reason, this is one of those things it can be hard to pull the trigger on for yourself. That’s why it can be a great gift to get for another, especially new parents. They’ll be spending plenty of time cleaning up, preparing food, and trying to rest while raising their baby. 

A robot vacuum can help to take the pressure off in one area, automatically cleaning the floor while the parents finally get to kick up their feet and relax, or more likely do more to take care of their baby! 

Foot Massager

It can be hard to treat yourself after having a baby. And with many days full of hard work, parents will find themselves feeling pretty sore. If you think they could use some rest and relaxation, a foot massager could be the unexpected gift they need to get loose and chill out. 

One of these things will eliminate the need to book an expensive session requiring mom or dad to leave the house when they likely have lots to do at home. With a foot massage machine, they will be able to stay home while they treat themselves, and can even do so while taking care of the baby! A true win-win. 


A well-thought-out gift can really go a long way in benefitting the happiness and comfort of a new parent. With so much to adapt to, and with a new human in their lives, all of their energy and attention will be on the baby, so allowing them a little bit of freedom to think of themselves can be a well-needed bit of stress release and a reminder to enjoy themselves. 

Lots of people will want to provide new parents with baby-related gifts, but someone’s also gotta show mom and pops some love! We hope this list gave you some ideas so you can show your appreciation for the new parents in your life. 

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